Billabong And Michael Muller Join Hands To Spread Awareness Against Shark Finning

Michael Muller is a world-renowned photographer with a strong passion for the true kings
of the ocean, Sharks. For the very first time, Billabong and Muller have joined forces for a special collection aimed to further spread awareness for these amazing creatures. The goal: make people think and act differently towards our planet.

The devastation created by commercial longline fishing and netting to satisfy the demand for shark fins’ decimating the shark population at an alarming rate of 70-90million sharks a year: this is unsustainable, unacceptable and unconscionable. Along with a vision in photography and compassion for these elegant creatures, Muller has developed a unique approach to shooting underwater by using professional studio lighting below the surface.


Embracing the lack of control in underwater photography, his revolutionary approach has produced some of the most jaw-dropping shark portraits seen to date. More images of these stunning images can be found on ; or view the video of this amazing conception here:


Darkness Tee

Shark Fin Tee

Launch Tee

Somethin' Fishy


Click here for full collection!


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