6 foot and On Again
"4-6 foot....on again" was the txt i woke up to today, i dropped the phone and said to myself "f#ck me, not again"....yeah you heard right, after over a week of no stop waves I'm done,.... walking like a bashed crab, eyes resembling someone who's been punching bongs day in day out.... I'm ready to wave the white flag..... I'm done.

I've attached a few pics for the past week from a local reef, and d-bah...However i wont lie, the past few days have been mental out Kirra, so stayed tuned for some pics and a vid clip from the past few days..... I've had my hands full around here, so lay off and wait it out people. Keep your eyeballs peeled... I reckon I will have some stuff for you Wednesday...


Mitch ReefDK Float DbahDK DbahLackey Dk PitMitch Rawlins
redtube.com...i mean working on the blog......
Me getting my Blog on!
mitchell said (8 years ago)
whens the next time your at cronull?
you are my rolmodel and i would like to meet you!
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