5 Minutes With Geng Jakkarin

With more than 70,000 hits on YouTube, Thai-native Geng Jakkarin’s short documentary “I Skate Because…” became an instant sensation when it first released. But more than just another name splattered across the interwebs, over time, Geng has too proven himself a worthy contender. With many interviews already under his belt, Billabong decides to do things slightly different with this one…


Being a professional skateboarder, who or what inspires you when the going gets tough?

Other than my Peduce team mate, Lert Saeli who’s constantly motivating me to go on skate trips, I also watch skate videos everyday before heading out to skate.


What do you think has been your greatest achievement?

I would say ranking 30th at the Maloof Cup in South Africa back in 2011 and being the poster boy for the event in 2012!


On to more light-hearted things: we hear you’re a big music buff. Who are your Thai picks?

My favorite bands now are Miraculous and Nang-Len.  They are really good and I’m not embarrassed to admit that I know all of their songs!


We hear you’re also very interested in Mandarin and had a few lessons!

China has one of the best skate spots in the world. And if I could, I would definitely like to move there! That’s why, learning the language is pretty important.


You’ve been on countless of skate trips all over the world. Give us the scoop on the most memorable one.

Well, it definitely has to be the time when my friends and I were on an hour’s drive out of town. I was pretty excited and forgot to pack my skateboard. We had to drive back to get it! It’s now an inside joke every time we head out for a skate trip.



Image Credit to Janchai Montrelerdrasme

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