Firdaus Rahman Skate Trip in Sydney

It’s been a while since I’ve last blogged, but hey! It’s never too late, is it?

Anyway, it wasn’t too long ago that I went to Sydney, Australia, for a casual skate trip and I have to say, seeing every skateboarder ripping around Kangarooland (from nollie b/s flips down 9 stairs to a warm up f/s tail 270 out) was definitely wicked!

If you’re planning on making a trip down Sydney, there are a lot of good street skate spots in the city. And the best part is, you’d never know who you might run into as well! I actually met Dane Burman from the Zero team while I was at Martin’s Place skating. Haha.

Skate parks here - such as the street-styled Waterloo - are mad! I’ve been told most Aussie skateboarders come here to “warm up” before heading out to the streets; the indoor Monster skatepark has crazy ramps and a massive vert; and the chilled beach bowl at the Bondi Beach skatepark (this is where Bowl-O-Rama went down) has a real chill vibe.

Sydney is definitely a must-go to spot for every skateboarder who wants to open up his or her skating experience. Coming from Singapore, it was certainly an eye-opener for me and has motivated me to meet new skate challenges. Besides, I really enjoyed skating there as everyone was real friendly.

Here are some photos from my trip...




Firdaus Rahman in Sydney - Bondi Beach

Firdaus Rahman in Sydney

Firdaus Rahman in Sydney - Bondi Skatepark

Firdaus Rahman in Sydney - Bondi Skatepark 002

Firdaus Rahman in Sydney - Bondi Skate Shop

Firdaus Rahman in Sydney - Monster Skatepark

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