Mamat & Didaqt's experience in Phuket

It’s great to be back in Phuket for the Quiksilver Phuket Surf Competition! Arriving the airport at 8am, we got to Ibis Hotel after an hour’s journey. Along the way and at the hotel, we were stoked to know that this event is heavily published with the amazing posters & billboards.  The event was held at Patong Beach and there we met some of the pro surfers like Luke Landrigan, Raditya Rondi, Bonne, Marlon Gerber, Lee Wilson, Agus, etc.  We had some games before dinner which pretty much sums up the first day!

The second day was start of the competition, both of us advanced to the quarter finals round competing against Raditya Rondi & Agus Frimanto!  Although we were defeated in the quarter finals, we learned & gained so much more knowledge and experience from the entire competition. Below are the results for the individual divisions and  enjoy the pictures!

Men’s Open Shortboard Division

1.     Raditya Rondi (IND) – 30,000 THB

2.     Mega Semadhi (IND) – 20,000 THB

3.     Pepen Hendrik (IND) – 10,000 THB

4.     Marlon Gerber (IND) – 7,000 THB

Open Longboard Division

1.     Arif Nur Hidayat (IND) – 10,000 THB

2.     Husni Ridwan (IND) – 7,000 THB

3.     Weerawat Kuru (THA) – 5,000 THB

4.     Teiki Ballian (FRA) – 2,000 THB

Women’s Division

1.     Yasnyiar Gea (IND) – 7,000 THB

2.     Annissa Flynn (THA) – 5,000 THB

3.     Gemala Hanafiah (IND) – 2,500 THB

4.     Charmaine Gale (AUS) – 1,000 THB

Master’s Division

1.     Wayan Gantiyasa (IND) – 5,000 THB

2.     Chalong Thongsook (THA) - 3,000 THB

3.     Devin Long (THA) – 2,000 THB

4.     Tatsuya (JAP) – 1,000 THB


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