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Laurie Towner is going off. Over the past 12 months, he has become one of Australia’s highest profile surfers outside the World Tour.
Although the ever-meek Laurie had already proved a solid athlete in Australia’s Pro-Teen series, 2006 was the year that lit his flame.
It began with an exceptional season in Hawaii. Towner took on all the mighty Pacific could throw at the North Shore, nailing himself some epic waves and countless photo ops.
Shortly afterward, Laurie opened the Pro Junior season with an exceptional win at the 8 star ASP Australasian Pro Junior event held at Bells Beach in mid-January, to begin the year in first place.
Following the buzz of Hawaii and Bells, Laurie hooked up with Billabong teammates, Andy Irons and Joel Parkinson, on a now legendary mission to Shipstern Bluff, Tasmania.
AI and Parko got the press frothing, but it was their quiet, 18-year-old charger who came away from the session smelling of roses, paddling into the wave of the day, pulling into one of the largest barrels Shipstern’s has ever produced and landing himself a nomination in the Billabong XXL Big Wave Awards.

In mid March, Towner made the pond-jump to New Zealand to take his second major win of the year, at the Billabong Pro Teen, Raglan.

This left him in a commanding position, and with several strong results throughout the remainder of the year, Laurie wound up 2006 in fifth place overall.
With his sights firmly locked onto a future World Qualifying Series assault, 2007, Laurie’s final year on the juniors is going to prove all-important in his quest to go pro.

Results Of Note:
1st – Globe Jetty Surf Pro Junior, Bells Beach, Jan ‘06
1st – Billabong Pro Teen, Raglan, New Zealand, Mar ‘06
Runner Up – 2006 Billabong XXL Big Wave Awards

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