Sponsors: Billabong clothing, Santa Cruz skateboards, OJ's Wheels, Pacific Drive, and Independent Trucks
Favorite Spot: Barcelona, Spain
Stance: Regular
Favorite Food: Chicken
Quick Story: Thug Life
Quote: “Skate Forever”


When you meet Shuriken Shannon the first thing you know right away is this dude loves to have fun. He’s cracking everybody up before you even get to ask him how the hell he got his name. “I started skating as a baby!” he says, “back in the hood in San Diego, when I was skinny!” If he has a reputation for going off, it suits his sponsors just fine: At his going pro party his sponsors had collectable pint glasses and coasters with his debut graphic on them.
Don’t try to get serious with the dude, because that’s not how he is. His favorite food? “Chicken, man. All kinds of chicken, any kind of chicken – fried chicken, broiled chicken, BBQ chicken, Thai chicken, chicken salad, chicken noodle – you name it!”
But there’s no mistaking the fact that the dreadlock dude from Diego is a rising star: a recent interview in Thrasher, a lead part in the Osiris video and the new Black Label video, even his own signature board model. His recent hook up with Billabong has given him a chance to be fully styled out at all times. 
“Shuriken,” says Donez, pausing briefly. “He puts the Black in the Label.”
No matter how you put it this 21-year-old from Ocean Beach, San Diego is making his mark – and having a lot of fun while he does it. 
“The angry young black is one of the nicest dudes out there,” says Rhino. “He’s got style and that counts a lot. Skateboarding is what keeps Shuriken going and you will see a lot more of him in the near future.”

04th Jul 2011
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