Full Name: benjamin gore
Hometown: pompano beach, fl Current
Residence: san francisco, ca

Sponsors: mia skateshop, billabong, bones swiss, venture, magenta skateboards, dekline.

Stance: regular
Best Results: 1st and last.

Skate: smooth flatground.
Most Treasured Possession: my camera.
Places to Travel: london, paris, bordeaux, chicago, nyc.

What do you like doing apart from Skateboarding? shooting photos and being with friends.

You got into skating because: skateboarding = fun.
All time favorite skaters: mike dahr. ricky oyola. nate jones.
Current favorite skaters: all my friends.
Favorite music: jazz and funk.

Favorite thing about skateboarding: the freedom. being able to just jump on your board and push down the street without thinking about anything else.

Describe yourself in one word: simple. Any advice: don't be scared to do your own thing.

04th Jul 2011
Despite the chilly and wet winter Wednesday evening, a core crew of Cape Town's finest came out to...
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