We're "Switching Off" For Earth Hour

A strong devotion to the environment is inherent to us all as, being surfers, we are intrinsically connected to that which provides us with waves. This is why Billabong wholeheartedly supports Earth Hour.


On Saturday March 29th at 8:30pm, millions of people across the world are switching off their lights for one hour to raise the awareness of climate change and its effects on the world around us.


The global Earth Hour environmental movement originated in Sydney, Australia as a campaign for action on climate change six years ago. Since then it has grown to become the world’s largest mass-participation event in history. From 1 to over 7,000 cities… From 1 country to 7 continents… From 2-million to hundreds-of-millions of people.

Earth Hour's mission is three-fold:

1. To bring people together through a symbolic hour-long event.

2. To galvanise people into taking action beyond the hour.

3. To create an interconnected global community sharing the mutual goal of creating a sustainable future for the planet.

This year people around the globe are doing more than turning the lights off for 1 hour. Find out how your country is supporting Earth Hour at www.earthhour.org/earth-hour-around-world


Since 1972, WWF-Malaysia has worked on important conservation projects, from saving endangered species such as tigers and turtles, to protecting our highland forests, rivers and seas. We also undertake environmental education and advocacy work to achieve conservation goals. By conserving our natural resources, WWF-Malaysia is helping to protect our livelihoods, food and water supply, thus securing our good quality of life and our children’s bright future.


WWF-France aims to raise awareness on renewable energy and climate change as part of its efforts leading up to the Paris COP 21.The world famous landmark in the City of Lights, the Eiffel Tower, will be one of nearly 400 monuments across France participating in this worldwide event.


In 2014, Japan will be hosting the IPCC WGII Session for the first time in Yokohama, a harbour city in eastern Japan. To commemorate the final day of the IPCC Session being Earth Hour day, Yokohama City, famous for its beautiful night view, will be turning its lights off.


With their consistent and determined efforts, Earth Hour Indonesia is now considered one of the country’s largest change makers with the power to garner more than 1.5 million supporters. Keeping the spirit of "Ini Aksiku! Mana Aksimu?", a local adaptation of the “I Will If You Will” challenge, public actions and online conversations on social media are always engaging and on-going


Since Madagascar’s first Earth Hour celebration, the event has been growing every year. After 2013’s devastating Hurricane Haruna, we distributed 1,000 fuel efficient stoves to people in the hardest hit areas.


New Zealand


This year we will take things further with an action plan based on changing consumer habits in Galapagos. We will be asking the government to implement an Ordinance that will ban the use of plastic bags in the islands. Just as in the previous year, our main ambassador for Earth Hour is the Directorate of the Galapagos National Park.

New York

Earth Hour in USA is more than just this hour. Uniting behind a common purpose demonstrates that we can make a meaningful difference. Earth Hour is our chance to make our commitment to protecting our planet not just for one hour a year, but every day.



This year, Earth Hour Australia is turning Earth Hour on its axis, using the power of Earth Hour to shine a light on one of the world’s most loved – and vulnerable – places: The Great Barrier Reef.


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