Taj Burrow Wins Hurley Pro at Trestles

So stoked on our boy Taj Burrow, the 2013 Hurley Pro Champ.

After losing his Round 4 heat on Tuesday Taj knew it would be a long road to the final. His first heat of the day was against Adriano de Souza, a competitive mastermind and Trestles favorite. The heat may have been close at the start, but with some well crafted uses of priority and a keen backhand attack Taj pulled ahead in the last half of the heat.

It was an impressive heat victory, but it only led to another tough heat. San Clemente local and crowd favorite Patrick Gudauskas faced off with Taj in the Quarterfinals. With each wave Pat caught crowd support grew louder, but Taj kept his poise and found a beautiful right with under 10 minutes remaining that gave him a ticket to a Semifinal birth.

And once again, Taj came up against an event favorite and title contender, Jordy Smith. Within a few minutes it was obvious Taj had control and by the end of the heat he was headed to the Final.

In a beautiful display of storyline, Taj met his Red Bull 21 Days co-star Julian Wilson in the Final. Julian had been on fire all day and was easily considered the favorite in the heat. Yet Taj's veteran knowledge came to play as he surfed a well calculated and powerful heat, coasting to the victory.

We couldn't be more stoked for #teamtaj, congrats mate.

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Up against Patrick Gudauskas, Taj found a few gems and went fins free. Photo: ASP/Rowland


Surfing against Jordy Smith int he Semifinals Taj found the gems that offered sections for turns like this. Photo: ASP/Rowland



Taj is a grom and a victory only brings more stoke. Photo: Pat Stacy

Taj Burrow

Taj Burrow



Taj's good mates Johnny Gannon and Kai Otton hoisted the champ to their shoulders and the crowd went wild.

Taj Burrow

Even when only 2 - 3 feet Taj makes Trestles looks like the most playful right you can imagine. Photo: Pat Stacy



Yup, he's a stud. Congrats Taj, couldn't be more stoked for ya.


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