Cape Town Concludes the Billabong Pro J-Bay Pre-Party Roadshow in Style

Despite the chilly and wet winter Wednesday evening, a core crew of Cape Town's finest came out to jol at the final Billabong Pro J-Bay pre-event party.

After a highly succesful Grahamstown and Durban leg before it, Cape Town had it all to proove with the final pre-event party before the Billabong Pro J-Bay officially kicks of on the 14th July.

Mercury was the selected venue for the night, and as is customary in Cape Town, the party only really got going late into the night.

After a few pallet-quenching beers, it was hot Cape Town underground indie Band; La Vi who kicked things into gear with an ensemble of soulful tunes - a mere warm up for thier pending perfomance at this years Billabong Pro Music Festival laster this month.

With the excitable crowd aptly warmed up, La Vi stepped down to welcome P.H.Fat's DJ. Narch to bang down a selection of head-thumping beats. Narch will be regrouping with P.H Fat when they take to the stage on Saturday 16th July at the Billabong Pro Music Festival so be sure to secure your tickets...they're selling fast.

To win tickets to this Year's Billabong Pro Music Festival click here

All pics courtesy of Louise Kegel

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