Looking for good karma...
One minute your the local corner store hero for saving a baby choking on a lollie...(coupla punches to the back and it came right out!!)the next your computers

has a flashing  "?" mark on it, right where you had just finished a bunch of month long projects....whats this all mean? well the question mark means your up

shit creek, your computer no longer exists...it also means im due for some farking good karma.... surely!!!!....

Waves have been bad, i wont lie, summer has kicked in and im looking to get on a piece of fibreglass to keep myself in the water...but the water has been perfect,

wetties are gone and it nothing but boardies,bluebottles and blistered lips from here on in.....so on the subject of blistered lips, its also the time of year

Riptide Magazine hold there invitational surfmat challenge, each year its blessed with 1 foot north winds, and this years challenge was no different...cracker of a day,Beers, volley ball, sausages and sunburn all went hand in hand on the day,somehow i got through my first heat which led me into the finals, these things are not easy to ride, however i managed to flop around on my back all the way to shore.....after a very heated final, scores were dropped and people were placed, but youll have to check out riptide magazine for the results on that one....

Like a was saying earlier, my luck has been up and down, after making the final,thinking my luck was finally coming together... a relaxing afternoon at dbah

should be nice, however Valentino (new member to the lackey family/2kg Pomeranian) jumps from great heights breaking his front leg on impact.....obviously sick

as a dog, rushed the little mungrel to the 24hr emergency vet, where they continued to bend me over and pillage the bank account....

By no means am i a negative person, ive still got the smile on my face, things could be alot worse i know.....so "chin up" and "chip n chase"..

im sure next blog will be full of good karma.
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