The AI forever inspiration award is given to the most committed surfer in the contest. Congratulations Ricardo Dos Santos for his amazing performance during the Billabong Pro Tahiti
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JAWS SEASON の初日に素晴らしい波をキャッチした!
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We took our groms on a surf trip to Sumbawa and there was certainly no shortage of perfection. This marks the third in a series of development trips built to give our best groms access to the best surfing playgrounds - those hard-to-reach places that offer hollow, bigger, more powerful, more perfect, more consistent waves. It's all about fostering the youth, enhancing their natural talent, to create a bright and progressive future.

Music By: The Soft Pack
Song: Saratoga
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常に、上質を求め、先進を追求し、厳選されたマテリアル、完成度の高い防水システムなど… ユーザーを想い、チームライダー達のリアルなフィードバックを元に遂に完成された、2014 WINTER-BILLABONG WETSUITS !
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FIDLAR "5 to 9"
copyright FIDLAR / BMI / BMG
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16歳オーストラリアの天才児、ジャック・ロビンソン。彼がなぜ世界中の同年代の中で最も優れたでチューブ・ライダーであるかを魅せつけるジャック・ロビンソン - #BillabongBloodlines Training Camp in タヒチ
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