Olivia Izzard

Nickname: Olive, liv, livvy

Favourite Surf spot? - Vic Bay

Hometown?- Umhlanga

Best thing about your lifestyle as a surfer?- I love going on trips to other places and meeting other people and surfing different waves

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Hopefully qualifying for the world tour

Other than surfing what is your next best thing? I'm really only good at surfing

On a Saturday morning you can find me….. Surfing town or probably with my friend Gabi

What’s your superpower? A dog whisperer

What is your guilty pleasure? Drinking juice out the bottle

If you could choose any 5 people (over and above your friends of course) to have at your birthday party, who would they be? Pacha Light, Julian Wilson, Mick fanning, Evan peters and Emma Roberts

If I had a star on Hollywood Boulevard, it would be right next to… taissa farmigas

The thing that makes me, me is that I… always love to have fun and I'm never always unhappy

One thing I would never travel without is… my fin key

My biggest achievements so far are… making the South African team

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