Kirsty McGillivray

Nick Name: Kirst

Favourite spot..
'point' in Jeffreys Bay. 

Best thing about your life as a surfer?

Having fun in the water with my friends.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I will be turning 18 and still surfing, but in the last year of Junior Competitions SA. Hopefully I will make the SA Junior Team by then.

Other than surfing what is you next best thing? 

Horse riding.

What’s your superpower?

God is my strenght.

If you found R100 on the floor, what would you do with it?

First I would try to find its owner. If no succes I think  I would five it to a needy person or charity.

Did you have a New Year's resolution for 2013? If so, what was it and how is it going?

I didn't really have a resolution for this year but I would like to be a good example for others.

What is your guilty pleasure? Unhealthy snacks- Tumbles and Whispers especially!

If you could choose any 5 people [over and above your friends ofcourse] to have at your birthday party, who would they be?

1. Nelson Mandela- because when he wa president he made such a different.
2. Kelly Slater- because he's won the world tittle so many times.
3. Bianca Buitendag- because she is South African girl on world tour now and is doing really well in her surfing.
4. Natalie du Toit- because of her determination and that even with her disability she pursued and achieved het goals in swimming.

My years of retirement will be spent.. with freinds, God, outside/ in the water and around animals.  

If I had a star on Hollywood Boulevard, it would be right next to.. Selena Gomez because I love her voice and acting. 

The thing that makes me me is that I.. love the Lord.

One thing I would never travel without is.. A hairbrush [you should see the tangles in my hair after a surf!!] and my surfing stuff.

My biggest achievements so far are..
being on the Billabong Girls Team 
Coming 2nd in Billabong Grom Games
Getting to the finals in the Billabong Junior Series in Durban 

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