Crystal Hulett

Some people call me meth ( obviously as a joke ;) 

Favourite spot:
Bruces or anns when it works its ridiculously fun !

Lifestyle as a surfer:
The amazing friendships you get with  other surfers along with travelling around SA with them and then of course I can eat all the food I want cause I know it will burn off quickly after ! 

Where I see myself in 5 years :
I hope to have a wider range of places to surf at and to compete professionally or just to the best of my ability.

My next big thing :
Im monkey mad about art and I LOVE to draw and design

Sunday morning:
In the kitchen on a Sunday i like to spoil myself with a YUMMY brekkie

Superpower :
Super speed , you don't even see me go ;)

If i found R100:
Ask the people around me if they lost money so its not awkward when i take it

New years resolution  :
To do better in my Afrikaans , iv watched a lot of 7de laan , that's about it ....

My guilty pleasure :

5 people at my birthday part:
1) grahm heinz
2)Red Hot chilli Peppers
3) Carissa Moore
4) Jesus
5) Bruce Gold

My years of retirement will be spent:

Living in St francis By the beach with my surfer sugar daddy and of course taking long walks along the beach

If I had a star on Hollywood Boulevard, it would be right next to:
Ryan Gosling!!!

The thing that makes me me is that i :
Can be socially awkward , have a very outgoing laugh and very random

One thing id never travel with out:
Definitely my cell phone , i know that might sound bad but we do live in a very technical time

My biggest achievements so far:
*coming 1st at the grommet games 2010 under 12  (pipe Port Elizabeth)
*winning SA's under 15 title ( point Jeffreys bay )
*Winning bloodscan 2012 ( point Jeffreys bay )
*coming 4th in under 18 final at the Billabong Jnr  East London ( Ganobie )

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