Crystal Hulett

Nickname: mainly Crys or surfer girl (at school- I think this is mainly because hardly anyone surfs there)

Favourite spot: Tavarua Island, Fiji – I had some of the best waves of my life with clean waters and bikini vibes, straight off the yacht into the waves ... At home its Bruce’s Beauties and Seals.

Lifestyle as a surfer: Traveling to beautiful untouched places is priceless, with the benefit of meeting new amazing people. I also think surfing invites you to have a healthy lifestyle and be in touch with the nature around you and yourself.

Where I see myself in 5 years: That would make me 23, so I’d probably still be studying, training and working hard towards making sure I’ll still be able to travel as much as possible in my life. I really don't want to be stuck behind a desk... Life seems way too short

Sunday morning: Surf 2-3 times and in between I hop by to the shops and buy groceries to make myself a massive meal. Definitely a spoiler!

Superpower: I can produce waves with my mind…

If I found R100: Ask the people around me if anyone has lost it, so it’s not awkward when I take it.

Guilty Pleasure: I really love boereworse rolls .. haha

5 people at my birthday party: Jack Robertson , so hot ... ;) Jack Johnson for the music ; Jamie Oliver for all the amazing food ; Bill Gates to pay for all of it and since my next birthday is my 18th I wouldn't mind  nice car ... and lastly my future boy friend who ever that is .. haha

My years of retirement: Hopefully spending it with the love of my life, happily married and all. I would like to know I enjoyed my life and can retire right by my first love (the ocean)

If I had a star on Hollywood boulevard it would be right next to: forever Ryan Gosling

The thing that makes me me: I’m very confident with who I am and proudly express who I am

One thing I’d never travel without: surfboard equipment

Biggest achievement so far:

3x SA JNR  short board champ

1x SA JNR longboard champ

Made the team to represent South Africa at the 2016 ISA World Games

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