Gina Smith

Nickname: G

Favourite Surf spot? Internationally, I have surfed some amazing waves in Portugal, Bali and Peru but South Africa’s coastline is phenomenal, too many spots to mention.

Hometown? Jeffrey’s Bay, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Best thing about your lifestyle as a surfer? Surfing introduces us to nature, adventure and what it means to be free. Travels, surfing with fellow tribe mates and experiencing the wonder of the ocean everyday is just the best thing ever.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Somewhere...anywhere...surfing, writing, living, chilling, learning, loving, travelling, grinding, changing the world.

Other than surfing what is your next best thing? I love to put pen to paper, scribbling words and images. I love humans, the earth and learning something new everyday.

On a Saturday morning you can find me…. sipping on the biggest cup of post/pre surf coffee you’ve ever seen.

What’s your superpower? If I had one you wouldn’t have to ask.

What is your guilty pleasure? Gangster rap, wearing pjamas all day and a handful of Tumbles.

If you could choose any 5 people (over and above your friends of course) to have at your birthday party, who would they be? Given the choice I would have to turn it into a big music festival. So come on over Josh Garrels, Hozier, Bastille, Mumford&Sons and Sylvan Esso; I’m turning 21 this year!

If I had a star on Hollywood Boulevard, it would be right next to… I would probably end up finding myself somewhere between Backstreet boys and Destiny’s Child.

The thing that makes me, me is that I… am a lover not a fighter, I can make an on point dolphin noise, and know nerdy things like collective nouns. Did you that a group of butterflies is called a flutter? A smack of jellyfish, a crash of rhinos, a grumble of pugs.. so fun.

One thing I would never travel without is… tried to think of something witty but all I got is my passport, surfboard and brain.

My biggest achievements so far are… two South African Championship wins and a second place, I have represented South African three times and have won several national Junior events.

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