Stephanie Single

Nickname: Steph

DOB: 4/2/1995

Sponsors: Billabong, Emery Surfboards and Surfdecals

How long have you been surfing for? 4 years

Describe your first memory of surfing... surfing on my dad's big surfboard

What does surfing mean to you? fun excitment and a healthy lifestyle

What surfer inspires you the most? Stephanie Gilmore

The most interesting place I have been in the last twelve months was... New Zealand it was very nice and the zorb was the best.

I wish people would take more notice of... the environment.

You know me as a surfer but in a different life I'd be... a triathlete or swimmer.

On weekends I... surf and hang with friends.

Growing up in my house was... busy.

I'd love to go out for dinner with... an alien as long as I didn't end up as the dinner.

What are your other obessions? chocolate, ice-cream and skate boarding.

A few favs:

- Colour? Pink and blue

- Holiday? Bali or skiing somewhere

- Food? Chicken/ chocolate

- Possesion? My Emery surfboard

- Day of the week? Friday

- Wave? Lennox Point and D-bah

In a nutshell, my philosophy is... it will never be unless its up to me.


2nd Rip Into Summer, Cabarita U/14
4th Jesus Pro Am, Coffs Harbour U16
2nd NSW State Titles, Foster U/16
4th Rusty Gromfest, Lennox Head U/14
1st All Girls Surf Showdown, Lennox Head U/14

2nd Ocean & Earth International Teenage Rampage U/13
3rd Ben King Memorial U/16
1st Far North Coast Regional Titles U/14
3rd NSW State Titles U/14
1st Rip into Summer Grom Comp, Cabarita U/14
1st Lizzy Surf Series, Rd 3, Gold Coast U/14
Overall u/14 Lizzy Queensland Surf Series Champ

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