Ili Lim

Date of Birth: 03 July, 1990
Country of Origins: Singapore
Stance: Goofy
Sponsors: Billabong and Fat Boy Ink
Career Highlights: Oct 2010- 2nd International Flow Championship (Overall Women Champion)

Aug 2009- Singapore Flowriding Competition (1st for Women Cat.)
March 2010- Flowjam (2nd for Women Cat.)
Aug 2010- Flowjam (1st for Women Cat.)
Oct 2010- 2nd International Flow Championship (Overall Women Champion)
Feb 2011- Flowjam (1st for Women Cat.)
May 2011- Flow Barrel Jam (1st for Women Cat.) & (3rd Open Strapped Cat.)
Dec 2011- Bring Your Own Board (BYOB) - (3rd Open Strapped Cat.)
Feb 2012 - Flowjam (1st for Women Cat.)

With a penchant for yoga, and as a Producer at a photo studio, you would have never guessed that this pint-sized character makes the mold of the world’s leading Female flowrider. Born and raised in Singapore, Ili Lim may have only taken on the sport a couple of years ago, but that has not stopped her from taking a serious focus on it.

A firecracker on the flowbarrel, the 24 year old made huge waves – quite literally – when she was awarded the prestigious “Overall Women’s World Flow Champion” title during the 2010 International Flowriding Championship, where she competed amongst top athletes from the US, South Africa, Dubai, Chile and more. But with a full time job at hand, the question persists: where does she find the time to own it all?

Well, Ili is a woman of resource and surprises. And by saying that, she has smartly crafted out the most unorthodox training regime in the form of a 40ft trampoline when she’s not near a barrel. Let’s not discredit her mother, who instilled a strong sense of hard work since she was a wee child, and so naturally making Ili’s formula for success as giving it her all and never making excuses for it. So determined, in fact, when she broke her collarbone on her 21st birthday, she got right back to train just a couple of months after the incident and have been proving punters wary of her shortcomings wrong with her incredible comeback.

She is not all work and no play, though. When not busy at the studio or training for her next big competition, she enjoys watching videos of her heroes like Wesley Fischer, Clayton Barker and local Flowriding extraordinaire, Alfian Affandi, take on the flowbarrel in their online showcases; and flipping through the glossies, and satiating her appetite for online shopping.

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