India Payne

India Payne

- How did it feel to see yourself in a movie and how has this changed you life?

It was very strange and embarrassing at first to see myself in a movie but as time went on I got used to the fact that it was me up there and thought  that it was pretty amazing. Being involved in First Love has definitely changed my life, I feel that I have done something really special because First Love has inspired so many young girls to want to surf. It has allowed me to share something that I love and hopefully they will love it  just as much.

- Do you hang out with the other surfer girls in the  movie?

Jess, Nikki and I spend alot of time together when we are all home, at the  moment we all have different things going on in our lives so we don't hang out  as much as we used to.

- What was your best experience during filming for the movie or  during the premieres etc?

Filming First Love has given me so many amazing experiences we have been involved in TV appearances, done interviews for Radio and Magazines. We also travelled alot together during the premieres which was alot of fun, overall it has been a fantastic learning experience for me. The thing that  comes to me as the best experience would have to be when we had the first ever screening of First Love on Phillip Island, after the movie had finished all these little girls rushed up to Jess, Nikki and I and asked for our autographs which made it all seem so special and like this movie has accomplished something massive.

April 3, 1994

Cape Woolamai, Phillip Island

Woolamai Beach


Board Manufacturer:

What's your  favourite thing about surfing?
I love everything about surfing, I always have so much fun which I feel is the most important thing. Surfing has allowed me to travel all over the world and meet amazing people along the way.

Which surfer inspires you the most?
My Dad, he taught me  to surf and has supported me ever since he is a massive inspiration to me.

When I was a child I wanted to be...
a Police Officer.

Favourite wave? Woolamai,
it's my home break, it's a great uncrowded wave and there is always a fun bank to  surf.

Describe your last twelve months in three words...
challenging, busy, rewarding.

Where's the most interesting place  you have been?
The Telos Islands in Northern Sumatra, I went there with  my Dad for 10 days a year or so ago and recently went back with the rest of my  family, I had a great time. It was one of the best holidays I have had, the surf  was uncrowded and so much fun.

I wish people would take more notice of...
the environment.

What are your obsessions outside of surfing?
I would say my family and friends I love hanging out with them and having a good time.

The best invention...
the light bulb or we would all be in the dark.

If I wasn't doing this right now, I'd be...
Surfing or Doing the house work for Mum haha.

Before I die I want to...
do something amazing.

My greatest achievement...
Being in First Love it was great making it and has changed my life.  

My greatest fear...
Rocks, I am terrified of them.

Not many people know this about me but...
I have to wear glasses.

My most embarrassing moment would be...
To many to pick from haha.

The soundtrack to my life would be...
seems to change all the time.

My philosophy is...
Fall  down seven times, stand up eight.

3rd All Girls Surf Sowdown, U/16's
1st Victorian State Titles- Overall Standings, U/16's
1st Taj's Small Fries, U/16's

2nd All Girls Surf Showdown, U/14's
2nd Victorian State Titles- Overall Standings, U/14's
4th 16/u Taj's Small Fries Yallingup WA
2nd 14/u Taj's Small Fries Yallingup WA

2nd 14/u Taj's Small Fries Yallingup WA
3rd 16/u Taj's Small Fries
3rd u/13 Roxy Women's Surfing Festival
3rd Open Volcom Gunnamatta
3rd u/16 Beans Balin Jnr
1st u/16 Island Surfboards Junior Phillip Island
3rd u/16 Billabong Girls Easter Festival Sunshine Coast
2nd u/14 Billabong Girls Easter Festival Sunshine Coast
2nd u/16 Strapper Surf Junior Torquay
3rd 14/u Occy Grom Comp Gold Coast
2nd 14/u Ripcurl Gromsearch Torquay
2nd u/16 Quicksilver Grommet Titles Torquay
3rd u/14 Billabong Girls Summer Classic Gold Coast
4th u/16 Billabong Girls Summer Classic Gold Coast 


2nd u/13 Roxy Women's Surfing Festival Phillip Island
1st u/13 Strapper Jnr Surf Torquay
1st u/13 Beans Balin Jnr
2nd u/13 Island Junior Phillip Island
4th u/14 Billabong Girls Easter Festival Sunshine Coast
4th 12/u Mermaid Sister Jnr Femme Fest
4th u/14 Occy Grom Comp Gold Coast
1st 14/u Rip Curl Grom Search Torquay
1st 14/u Rip Curl Grom Search Newcastle
4th 14/u Billabong Girls Summer Classic Gold Coast

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