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Foundation By Eric Diamond When I was a little boy during the 1970’s my Dad was the West Coast guy For Clark Foam, Grubb’s main guy to dial in all the key shapers from SanDiego To San Francisco etc.

“Doggy “as he was known was a real stylish surfer who Gracefully transitioned from the 60’s long board era to the 70’s Cosmic board designs & was really connected to a lot of important craftsmen from all over, and I got to ride along and meet just every shaper there was for like a decade and experienced a lot of neat stories.

This was when surfboards still dominated the shop, & the shapers were still gurus, and it was still underground and cool in many areas. (Often Backyard style). Anyway so many of these great characters came and went, became famous or died off, so 20 years later my mind began to wonder what happened to a lot of these unique forgotten shapers and the evolutionary stories that go along with these Cosmic Board Designs?

During the early/mid nineties the pro scene was becoming just rockered out potato chip boards, and one afternoon I was cruising thru Hoffmann warehouse and was admiring all of Flippy’s 70’s boards on the wall and the idea of the Cosmic Creek was born.

Wouldn’t it be cool if I could pay homage to all those shapers, and give an opportunity for anyone to try all these wonderful designs that had basically been forgotten? And wouldn’t it be fun if you could pick or be challenged, by the luck of the draw on what board…. to make it even more interesting?

Now this was before the whole retro thing began to resurge, so many of the names and shapes had never even been seen or mention in 20 plus years. So I borrowed some boards from Flippy laid out some really one of a kind craft in twin and single fin groups, invited some musicians and artists, & the The Cosmic Creek became an annual gathering for well over a decade now and has become one of the most soulful gatherings, for young, legends, charities and whole lot more, but most importantly. The Cosmic

Creek is A history lesson about boards and stories that were rarely heard outside our inner circle, to let kids ride groovy boards that are older than them and gather the tribes young and old to swap ideas about eclectic surf craft. The Woodstock of surf events, just coming down and looking at all the boards is so bitch’n. …Thanks E.D.