Date Of Birth: 25 August 1988

Nickname: Bomb

Country of Origins: Thailand

Current Location: Singapore

Stance: Goofy

Sponsors: Billabong, Vonzipper, CWB, Singha Thai X Stream Sports, Razer

Career Highlights:

2008 -  3rd Place in World Game in China

2008 -  2nd Place in Rookie of The Year WWA

2008 - 5th Place in WWA Pro Tour

2009 - 2nd Place in Asian beach Game in Oman

2010 - Asian & Austria Champion in Indonesia

2011 - Sea Games & Team (Overall Champion)

Google the name Padiwat Jaemjan, and you’ll be hit with thousands of searches relating to his career. And with a personality that matches a name that literally translates to “turning the bad good” and “beautiful moon”, you can be sure that this guy’s dynamic credentials are more skills than sheer luck.

Known only as Bomb to his peers, the newlywed has been sowing the seeds of his success since the tender age of eight at a cable park located near his hometown. An initial trip to escape the heat of Thailand, the self-professed adrenaline junkie (he is also an avid lover for snowboarding and motocross) found himself instantly immersed in the sport due to its challenges, and has never looked back since. Emphasising on just the sort of athlete he is, Bomb managed to raise more than just a few eyebrows when he was named Asian Champion for not just one, but five consecutive years, with bags full of wakeboarding trophies knuckled firmly under his belt.

Evidently, Bomb is one hard worker – but not without reason. His childhood was a conflicted one; his father passed away when he was just a boy, leaving his mother to bring him up all by herself. In a mature stance, Bomb cleverly used his passion for wakeboarding as a mean of not only solace, but also a bid to help out with the family’s finances. And as you can tell, he has done that…and more.

Today, despite all the fuss that surrounds him as one of the best wakeboarders in the world, Bomb remains ever affable, humble, and continues to add significant contribution to the wake pantheon in Asia. He has recently made the move to Singapore and will be playing coach at a local wakeboarding school, mentoring and helping budding pro athletes reach their full potential. But don’t mistake that as him hanging up his wakeboard, as you can be sure you’d be hearing from the 24 year old sooner than you think.

23rd Oct 2013
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