Luke Egan- L.E. Loyalty and Endurance. So went an advert by long time sponsor SDS celebrating Luke Egan's retirement from the WCT at the end of 2005. It’s a fitting description. Loyalty to his friends, loyalty to his sponsors. And his endurance speaks for itself with an incredible 18 years on the WCT tour- more than any other surfer- in what has been one of the most consistent journeys through professional surfing history.

With four WCT victories in his career Luke spent nine of those years ranked in the Top 16 and three years in the Top 4, retiring on a high note with an incredible performance in the 2005 Pipe Masters to reach the semi-finals. Finishing 17th that year, Luke had already re-qualified, however chose to enter into his role as Men's Marketing manager at Billabong HQ in Australia.

Contest's aside though, Luke is a passionate free surfer who has spent a lifetime not just dreaming, but achieving those dreams. "it becomes a credo for life-dream your dreams, live your dreams". And one of those turned out to be one of his life's great experiences, spending 25 days aboard the Pelagic with 18 friends and documenting it in the book/DVD package entitled Transmission.

Growing up the son of a legendary shaper, Luke possesses an intimate understanding and feel for his boards, making him a valuable team-rider here at JS. A noticeable presence, the big man's fearsomely powerful and stylish, low-centered wave attack has become his distinctive trademark. And we look forward to seeing it for many years to come.

13th Dec 2012
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