Mamat is a born and bred Cherating local. He got in to surfing watching his older brother and his friends surfing out on the point. One of his first vehicles for wave riding was a very badly beaten surfboard some tourist had left behind for the locals to share. At that point surfing was still pretty much brand new to the area, getting hold of surfboards wasn’t exactly easy.Lucky for Mamat a traveling surfer was kind enough to leave him a board after visiting Cherating a few times. From there on surfing was his life.

Mamat never really liked school and was always getting into trouble, with no one to push him, he dropped out like many kids at that age in Malaysia. At 16 an Australian family wanted to give Mamat an opportunity to experience surfing and it’s industry where it truly means something. He was sort of adopted by them and became part of there family. They were close friends of Greg Webber and hooked him up with a job at The Laminator. There he learnt everything from wet rubbing to basic shapping. Nearly two years he spent learning the trade and surfing the various spots in the area such as north Avalon and Off Rocks.

Nov 2006 Mamat returned to Malaysia with his new gained knowledge and is now the resident ding doctor and surf instructor at Satusuku surf school/shop. Mamat can be seen boosting airs all over SE Asia and is known to lay down some pretty serious rail when given the chance.

2002 Quiksilver surf pool challenge 4th place
2003 Quiksilver surf pool challenge 3rd place
2003 Quiksilver Cherating shoot out 3rd place
2004 Quiksilver surf pool challenge 2nd place
2006 Cherating surf contest 1st place
2006 Quiksilver shore break challenge 1st place
2007 Kata beach Phuket surf contest 3rd place
2007 Quiksilver Cherating King of the point 1st place

08th Jul 2013
In an exciting climax to four days of surfing, sun and fun on Balangan Beach at the inaugural ASC...