Nicknames: Crud, Creedler
DOB: 26 Jan 1994
From: Margaret River, West Australia
Lives: Byron Bay, NSW
First surf: At the age of five, with the help of his dad, John, at Margaret Rivermouth
Typical Board: 5’10 Hayden shape, or 5’5 Hayden fish. Stringerless epoxies usually, but not always.
Achievements: Former U/18 Australian Champion (Phillip Island, Vic, 2010), Runner-up U/16 Australian Titles (Coolum, Qld, 2009). Former winner Taj’s Small Fries, Occy Grom Comp and Grom Search. More recently, the transformation from young, successful comp guy to freesurfer and helping pull together the short film “Abyss”.
Sponsors: Billabong, Epokhe eyewear, Globe footwear, Hayden Shapes
Instagram: @creedmct

Margaret River is a unique place that produces all types of surfer – soul guy, comp guy, big wave guy, future guy – and Creed McTaggert’s act tends to have a bit of each.
There’s a purity about Creed’s approach that is alluring. It’s his timing, maybe, and cleanly defined lines that make his surfing easy to watch.
He gave up on the comp scene sometime around 2011, despite notching up a string of titles that suggested he was headed for a successful open career. But now Creed’s really found his groove, it’s all about chasing good waves and doing something different, should the occasion call for it.
He’s starred in a few video parts, but when he talks about his own short film, Abyss, produced with the help of filmers and editors Jay Grant, Tom Jennings and Chris Bryan, he really lights up.
“I wanted to make it like a psychedelic film about West Oz and where I grew up, something unlike everything else that is out there” says Creed.
“It’s pretty whacked out. We included lots of trippy effects in it and music by Sleepy Sun, a rock band out of San Fran who have a sound you could compare to Pink Floyd.”
If Abyss is a window into Creed’s world, then right now the front door is still wide open. As a single man, with no real fixed address and a wanton for travel, he says he does not know where he is going to end up next.
“I want to travel as much as I can. I don’t have any plans to be anywhere more than one month. It’s all about keeping the travel spirit alive.”
One thing Creed is keeping alive is the big forehand, stalefish grab straight air – just like Ozzie Wright nailed consistently in Seven Days, Seven Slaves - kid does ’em in his sleep.

Oh, and another thing: “People think I’m really good at guitar, because every photo I’m in, I seem to have I have a guitar in my hand. But I’m shit. Make sure you tell people that.”

07th Oct 2013
Welcome back to Epokhe’s Black and White Edits as Creed McTaggart churns through familiar ocean...
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