Sponsors: Billabong, Dragon, JC, Freestyle, Reef, OAM
Years Pro: 16
Stance: Regular
Favorite Spot: Pipe (Haw), Cloudbreak (Fiji)

2006 – Billabong XXL Monster Tube Award – Sep 11, 2005, Teahupo’o
2005 - Billabong XXL Surfline/Jay Moriarity Best Overall Performance Award
2000 – 4th overall on WCT
2000 (1) – Billabong Pro (Fra/Spn)
1999 (1) – Rip Curl Pro (Aus)
1998 (2) – Rip Curl World Cup (WQS-Haw), Billabong Challenge (Specialty-Aus)
1996 (1) – O’Neill Surf Challenge (WQS-Fra)
1994 (1) – Nescau Surf Energy (WQS-Brz)


Brought up on the Big Island of Hawaii, Dorian splices courage with new era flair and a will to win. His attack revolves around his centred style, on rail precision and futuristic maneuvers. Dorian consistently puts his board in places around and above the lip line where few have gone before. But flip the coin and his 'heart in your mouth' feats at bone crushing breaks like Backdoor, Pipe and Waimea are world-renowned. His large wave prowess was further established when he got second at the 2001 Eddie event at Waimea in Hawaii and a third placing in 2004.


Like many of the other Billabong team riders, Dorian has his own feature film 'Blueprint', which covers his surfing from the very beginning up until his days as one of surfing’s very best. Not being his only appearance on the big screen, he featured in the Hollywood flick, 'In God's Hands' where he played the part of a committed surfer who also scores a tidy lady too. In addition, Dorian has featured in the Billabong Odyssey film in '03 and a countless amount of other appearances stretching back from Taylor Steele's 'Momentum' up to more recent Billabong releases. Since then, he has decided to give up the World Champion Tour (WCT) to focus on big-wave surfing and filming.

But what made the Hawaiian throw it in? It was during a WQS event in Portugal that changed the way Shane perceived his much beloved sport of surfing. He lost his heat in 1-foot dribble that day. As he walked up the beach he realized that he didn't care, and as he looked around no one else seemed to either. Shortly after, he jumped on the laptop and checked an email from a friend who was in Tahiti at the time.
"My friend was in Tahiti and he sent me photos of Teahupo’o that very same day. The waves were fifteen feet, glassy and the guys were getting spit out of barrels. I said, 'That's it, my days on the ASP tour are numbered because I don't ever wanna miss perfect waves again’. Surfing that dribble in Portugal that nobody cared about, let alone just broke me," Shane tells.
Since that miserable day in Portugal, Dorian’s profile as a big-wave rider is fast exceeding his renown on the WCT.
Charging some epic sessions throughout 2004 and 2005 at infamous locations around the globe, including Peahi and Teahupo’o resulted in his receiving the Billabong XXL Surfline/Jay Moriarity Best Overall Performance Award.
The following year, Shane’s big-wave prowess earned him the Billabong XXL Monster Tube Award for a backside behemoth he rode to perfection at Teahupo’o in September of 2005.
Raising the bar yet again, 2006 saw Shane taking on epic swell at Fiji’s Cloudbreak in April before returning to Tahiti in July to defend his Monster Tube Award.
Shane was one of several Billabong surfers to feature in Taylor Steele’s latest movie release, ‘Sipping Jetstreams’. Venturing to the outposts of Morocco, he again displayed his aptitude for heavier waves, taking on grinding slabs that would make many others back down.
Dorian’s passion for riding unfathomable swells has placed him at the forefront of big-wave riding. What comes next is left purely in the hands of Mother Ocean, but whatever she can muster, it’s almost guaranteed that Shane Dorian will be in the thick of it.


When he’s not surfing you can find him at his home in Holualoa on the Big Island, riding around on an old John Deere tractor taking care of his orchard that consists of 110 fruit trees at an elevation of 4000’ above sea level with his wife Lisa.

07th May 2013
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