Wolfgang "Wolle" Nyvelt
Sponsors: Billabong, Salomon, Vans, Dakine, Dragon
Years Pro: 9
Years Riding: 12
Stance: Goofy
Stance Width: 60cm
Angles: Front 12 back - 6
Favorite spot: Alaska
Vehicle: Skateboard
Best results: 3nd air&style qp99, 2nd Air&style corner 00
Right now filming for absinthe´s latest flick „optimistic?“ and having the opening part
Prefered Discepline: Slopestyle, Backcountry
Favorite Trick: bs air
HomeTown: Mayrhofen
Homemountain: Penken
Favourite Mountain: Haines
Favorite Riders: Jamie lynn, Terje, Occy
Other Hobbies: skating and surfing
Memorable Expirience: Going to tahiti with david pitchi and paddeling out in teahuppo together when all the pros were out there as well for the billabong wct. Haha was crazy thx to billabong for that trip!
I find inspirtion from.....my girlfriend she keeps my head strahght and from surfing and music!
I can identify with...Surfing because it is the roots of all boardsports and
I admire people....stick to their word
Words or phrases i use way too much.... oder?Greates achievement....Recycling
My most treassured possesion is....my little quiver!
If i could live anywere....Here and somewhere on the ocean, maybe indo!
Favorite occupation.... got it!
A good friend is....my dad and my whole crew the Ästhetiker´s
My motto is....Cradl to Cradl
Most memorable moment this year: Riding the cradle.
Your best day riding: Up on Penken with 1 metre of fresh but shitty weather. Tree-runs the whole day and no filmer or photographer.
When did you start riding? I started 1991 with skateboarding and in '92 I got my first snowboard.

What drives you to get up and ride every day?
This 'surfy' feeling which you can't really describe but it's when you don't have to think about what you're going to do next. It just comes to you, naturally, when everything is perfect. I think that is the special thing in all sideways sports. Thanks to surfing.

Who are your main influences (on snow and in life)?
Shredding wise, all snowboarders who are good and have a smile on their face. Style wise, I like Müller's style and also Johan's style a lot.

What sort of music do you listen to? Right now a lot of reggae for skating punk.
Is music important when you're riding? No, not in snowboarding. The only time I listen to music when I ride is when they've got a system in the snowpark or skatepark. No headphones, I need to hear what is going on.

How did you get to your level of snowboarding? I think it's because since I started skating I became so hooked on this indescribable 'surfey' feeling that I just forgot to do anything else.

Do you do other board sports? Sk8, Surf

What would you be doing if Snowboarding wasn't your job?
A surf-traveller, or I think I would be some kind of tech dude. I don't know and I don't care man.

Do you have spiritual beliefs? Kind of, I'm not just into one thing. I like to read a lot about the veden and so on. But also I'm interested in old native tribes. In the end we are all one world.

Do you think snowboarding has something spiritual?
I think all boardsports are like meditation. In surfing it is easy to see how you can ride a wave perfectly. Being in the right place, at the right time to do your turn, get barrelled, or whatever, without hassle - that's the key. It's the same thing in snowboarding and in skating. You can see how the guy chooses his line in the bowl or in the street. It is always about the LINE you take.

What are your plans for next year?
Garmisch summer camps then meeting with the Billabong crew in Hossegor to do lots of surfing, yeah!

What do you get out of snowboarding?

A lot of fun and learning about life, a lot of friends who do the same thing and are stoked with it. Insane adrenaline kicks and a lot of fun again.Highlights: Saturation, and filming for the new movie from Absinthe films called POP, 1st in the Air & Style Jam Session, 5th at the Toyota Big Air History: Wolle is established as one of Europe's best all-round riders. He has had good film parts in Absinth's productions and is scheduled to film next year. Wolle is a strong representative for Billabong in Austria and Europe. His plan next year is to consolidate his coverage in the Absinth 16mm film and to get as much press coverage as possible. Wolle is also involved with the Aesthetiker crew, as is Billabong.

14th Feb 2011
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