Full Name: Tyler Wynn Surrey
Hometown: San Diego
Current Residence: San Diego

Sponsors: Sk8mafia, Billabong, Oj wheels, Independent trucks, New Balance numeric shoes, Paradox grip, Mosaic bearings

Stance: Goofy
Best Results: never won a trophy for skating
Favorite Spot to Skate: Ocean Beach skate park
Most Treasured Possession: a lighter given to me by Tom Penny
Places to Travel: Spain and Finland

What do you like doing apart from Skateboarding? Golf, hanging with homies, listening to music, going to the beach

You got into skating because: my older brother got me into it, I thought him and his friends were so cool

All time favorite skaters: Tom Penny, John Cardiel, Mark Gonzales, so many more

Current favorite skaters: Kai Gormsen, Brandon Perelson, Ben Nordberg, so many more

Favorite music: reggae from 78' - 83' and classic rock

Favorite thing about skateboarding: you can do it whenever and wherever you want, no restrictions, and it's a great creative outlet to express yourself

Describe yourself in one word: kickin'

Any advice: skate for the good times, if you're looking for glory and/or money, you're in the wrong direction

AKA -Tooksie
Tyler's Switch kickflip backside tailslide shuvit sequence
23rd Oct 2013
#LIFEISBETTERINBOARDSHORTS, Billabong is also adding a new line of progressive boardies this season...
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