The realm of skate has done well alongside a talent like Thai-native, Geng Jakkarin. But more than just another name splattered across the sporting circuit and interwebs, over time, Geng – whose name translates to “talented” in English – has too proven himself a worthy contender. So much so, he was even made poster boy of the 2012 Maloof Money Cup!

Like most athletes, Geng’s story began when he received his first skateboard at the age of nine. Having been inspired by skate movies and video games, his father figured a skateboard would make a cool companion for the youngling who had to soon relocate to Udonthani due to his mother’s new work commitments. Making new friends as a kid can be tough, and that’s probably the reason why Geng started taking his newfound passion a little more seriously. And it didn’t take long before fellow skaters started taking notice of him and his skills.

Fast-forward to his teenage years, Geng, driven to be part of Thailand’s vast skate scene moved back to Bangkok on his own. Admitting that he would have never imagined that skate could be his career (he was never that big on competitions due to its pressure), the results of his achievements through the years are flourished enough to make any pro athlete’s jaw drop. His skate accolades includes the most recent 30th ranking at the Maloof Cup in South Africa back in 2011; and his 1st placing at the 2012 Converse City Carnage in Shanghai.

When not traveling the world and meeting other like-minded people (many of whom can surely vouch that he’s the easiest going and most loyal friend you’d ever have), Geng can mostly be seen hanging out with his younger brother and friends at Queen’s Park (Benjasiri Park). His other interest includes playing the ukulele and making music on his computer.

10th Jul 2013
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