When at 28, most men are starting to play it safe, Firdaus Rahman is still seen taking life firmly by the horns. But then again, it’s not everyday you meet an officer of the law who has been unanimously crowned the country’s best skater.

The oldest of four sons, the all-rounder’s knack for skateboarding came about 15 years ago after watching the cool kids knocking out gravity defying tricks at the local skate park. And that vision alone has been enough for him to dedicate a good part of his life perfecting the art, establishing himself an expert on the skate frontier. In case you were wondering, his accomplishments include coming in tops at the 2007 Asian Kia X-Games, the skate division of the 2010 Mettle Games and the Billabong City Squared Skate Invitational in 2011.

A resume already filled in such technicolour, surely one doesn’t need to further question why the lad’s perched atop the Asian skate circuit. Because unlike some, skate is more than just any old sport to the 26 year old; it’s a lifestyle. During a recent skate session with Billabong, we saw him burrowing his eyebrows in slight disappointment when he didn’t land a trick at first practice. “(Sometimes) I need to psych myself into thinking that the tricks are easier than they appear to be.” He cuts himself off, plugs in his earphones, blast his favourite choons (these days, he’s listening to Foster The People and We Barbarians) and off he went…and this time, he couldn’t have maneuvered his board any more perfectly.

A true embodiment of the lifestyle, Firdaus has rightfully inspired more than a thousand fan boys from both the local and regional skate scene – even playing coach to young ones who are aspiring to be just like him when they grow up. Although he’s earned his fair share of bragging rights, he keeps his head low and remains ever grounded. Firdaus’ more than all right.

05th Sep 2013
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