On the second and final day of the 2011 Billabong Surfing Hainan Open, Australian Craig Colbran pleased the judges with his seasoned, stylistic surfing. Colbran is a veteran of the event, and his familiarity with the left-handed point break at Riyuewan gave him a clear advantage, as he continued to pick off the better waves of his heats. With surf in the chest- to shoulder-high range, Colbran beat out Guo Hengliang (Taiwan), Barret Seymour (USA), and Rory MacDonald (Taiwan).


"The waves definitely picked up on the second day, and I was stoked to get as many good rides as I did. I've been coming to this comp for four years now, and I'm really happy to have captured the title," remarked Colbran.


In Women's Shortboard, Hung Chechun beat out fellow Taiwanese surfer in the two-woman final. If a second place in the shortboard wasn't enough for Wenling, she also won first place in Women's Longboarding, besting Darci Liu (China).


The Men's Longboard event went to Chen Dongming (Taiwan), with Mongolian native Tie Zhuang in close second. Daniel Lau (Hawaii) came in third, and Riyuewan local Huang Wen came in third.


Guo Hengliang and Rory Macdonald, as the two best Chinese surfers, won wildards for the Hainan ASP 4 Star event in January. Wu Ruquan of China won the Best Wipeout award, going head first over the falls in his morning heat. Barret Seymour's 360 backside turn won him Best Move of the competition.



Under 16s

1st Place - Rory Macdonald (Taiwan)

2nd Place - Chang Feng Chu (Taiwan)

3rd Place - Qiu Zhou (China)

4th Place - Jon Arten (Ukraine)


Women's Longboard

1st Place - Zhou Wenling (Taiwan)

2nd Place - Darci Liu (China)

3rd Place - Monica Guo (China)

4th Place - Monica Riehl (Venezuela)


Men's Longboard

1st Place - Chen Tongming (Taiwan)

2nd Place - Tie Zhuang (China)

3rd Place - Daniel Lau (USA)

4th Place - Huang Wen (China)


Women's Shortboard

1st Place - Hung Che Chun (Taiwan)

2nd Place - Zhou Wenling (Taiwan)

3rd Place - Iris Lim (Hong Kong)

4th Place - Monica Rhiel (Venezuela)


Men's Shortboard

1st Place - Craig Colbran (Australia)

2nd Place - Guo Hengliang (Taiwan)

3rd Place - Barret Seymour (USA)

4th Place - Rory Macdonald (Taiwan)


The event attracted over a hundred spectators, who beat the heat with bottles of Hainan Beer. The Bo'ao Bed and Breakfast served pancakes, eggs, and sausages for breakfast, and Sanya institution Dolphin Bar was on hand to serve grilled hamburgers. Skullcandy event staff poured shots of vodka down their skull-shaped ice block luge to get help the party atmosphere.Billabong representatives from Singapore and Hainan were on hand to help with the event and to network with China's surf community. Maneesiam Eua Fua, from Billabong's Singapore office, said during her speech at the Prizegiving Ceremony "I have had such a great weekend, and am happy to have met so many great surfers from around Asia. We are hoping for an even more succesful event next year". Next year will be the Surfing Hainan Open's fifth anniversary.